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Posted on 10-12-2017

Light therapy for pain management of osteoarthritis 

 Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) is a form of light therapy that triggers biochemical changes within cells. While the mechanism may not be fully understood , it is believeed that the photons of energy particles that ar emitted  by the light therapy laser are absorbed by cellular photoreceptors. This in turn has been shown to  triggeri chemical alterations and potential biochemical benefits to the human body.

LLLT has been used in pain management for years and is also known as cold ( as opposed to earlier forms of cauterizing or heat based lasers seen in all those cool James Bond movies) wave laser therapy. LLLt  uses low-frequency continuous laser of typically 600 to 1000 nm wavelength for pain reduction and healing stimulation.

Many ( at last count there exists close to 9000 quality studies on LLLT) studies have demonstrated the pain relieving and anti-inflammatory effects provided by laser treatments in both experimental and clinical trials.

The most recent research publication* ( released on October 2, 2017) studies the effect of LLLT on pain control for osteoarthritis conditions . Objective of this study was to to present a summary of the possible pain management benefits of LLLT.  Based on the current research, the utilization of LLLT for pain management and osteoarthritic conditions  may be a complementary strategy used in clinical practice to provide symptom management for patients suffering from osteoarthritis and chronic pain.

If you have any questions regarding the use of Laser therapy for osteoarthritis and pain control please call us at 770 552-7979. Bradford Family Chiropractic makes use of a 635 mm Erchonina PLS Low level Laser in its Marietta office. 

*Review of Literature on Low-level Laser Therapy Benefits for Nonpharmacological Pain Control in Chronic Pain and Osteoarthritis.

Dima RTieppo Francio VTowery CDavani S.

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