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Posted on 01-02-2018

It’s January and the some of us would say it’s one of the  best times of the year to be sports fan. More specifically, it’s a great time to be a football fan . The college championships about to be decided and the the Super Bowl is little more than a month away. Yes , A great time to sit back and appreciate the game of football. 
Many fans, however don’t normally think or appreciate what it takes to keep these grid iron  warriors in the game for an entire grueling season. Many fans and athletes alike forget the important part played by the people behind the scenes. We forget the  people that help keep our favorite players healthy so they can continue playing football. Doctors, athletic trainers , physical therapists, and especially chiropractors all help to keep football players safe. 
Football injuries can and do  happen at any time during play. Whether it is during practice or during a game, football injuries can be frustrating for players and scary for fans or parents. Luckily a good sports chiropractor understands how to treat most football injuries, so your super star can get back in the game.
Football injuries that can be treated by chiropractic care include:
•    Back and neck strains
•    Shoulder Injuries
•    Hip Pain 
•    Many Knee Injuries
•    Many Ankles Injuries
•    Many head injuries

Most athletes and in particular, football players, are exposed to severe forms  of physical stress and endure strenuous workouts. These circumstances create many forms of muscle strains, joint injuries and  “wear and tear”  complaints  commonly found in athletes. In fact, stress and overuse are the main cause of most football injuries. A football player must endure constant stress to the muscles, bones, joints, and soft tissues in the body.
Fortunately for our favorite players, Chiropractic is a common treatment option for many football players. Many high schools and colleges provide or encourage chiropractic care for their athletes. In addition , All 32 teams in the National Football League (NFL) have a sports chiropractor on staff. In the wide world of sports (pun intended) we often see a direct correlation of chiropractic care , supervision and  treatment with the highest and most elite athletes. Is it strange that chiropractic usage is highest in Olympic athletes and professional athletes (estimates range upwards of 90% utilization of chiropractic in Olympians) versus non athletes (estimates that less than 10-15% of the general population utilizes chiropractic care).
As we start the new year would it be wise to  should ask yourself “ if Chiropractic is an integral part of an athletes lifestyle, might I benefit from it too?”

To learn more about how chiropractic care can help you contact your local chiropractor today’s call us at 770 552-7979
 Dr. Raymond Gaskey 

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